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Client of 9 yrs,
Zoom Client 7 yrs

“I find the Skype/FaceTime sessions over the summer invaluable to keeping my body balanced and moving well. It enables me to retain the Pilates & GYROTONIC® “language” in my body from my weekly sessions during the year, so when I come back in the fall I don’t feel like I have to start all over again and re-learn the things I gained over the year. It also helps me maintain strength and endurance for other summer activities like biking, swimming and hiking, (with 2 kids in tow!)”

Client of 9 yrs,
Zoom Client 5 yrs

“When I have to leave NYC for an extended period, the ability to work with Candace via Skype/Facetime is invaluable to me. I am active in a different way over the summer and having the ability to continue my core strengthening exercises is extremely beneficial as the sessions allow me to stay strong, remind me to breath correctly and provide me with the structure to maintain my practice while away from the Pilates studio. After a quick review of how I have been feeling since our last session, Candace jumps right into our session as if we are in the studio, she can tell from my breathing and movement while we are working together what I need to concentrate or focus on, and/or will provide me with the motivation or cues to push myself farther in a stretch or movement.
Often after my online sessions, I feel elongated, energized and stronger – same as I do when I am in the NYC studio with her. Equally, the ability to continue my practice over the summer, so I don’t “lose” what I have gained during the rest of the year, allows me to not have to press the “reset” button when I return in the Fall!”

Client of 7 yrs

“Taking Pre-Natal Pilates with Candace, once a week through 38 weeks of my 1st pregnancy, made me feel strong and balanced through all the stages of physical change. I found it essential to maintain good flexibility, strength in my ever-changing center, and for an overall sense of wellbeing.”

Client of 4 yrs

Thanks to Candace I actually feel like my core is becoming what it was in my early twenties, despite the fact that I have had 2 kids in less than 2 yrs; I am also back to doing sports. Her technique is extremely effective and her knowledge makes it possible to strengthen your abs and core right up to birth and very soon after. She has given me a new & deep knowledge about my core while healing the typical Pre & PostNatal aches.”

Client of 9 yrs

“I have a lucky body. Working with Candace can create correct form out of even the most uncoordinated body (mine). She is smart and articulate, giving precise and helpful notes, but quick to replace word with gesture, support or image to help the connection along. Candace is flexible and supportive, so if something makes you uncomfortable or isn’t connecting, she’s willing to change approach. She’s fun too. In addition to all the above, Candace has perfect form and body – creating both the living example and the inspiration. Take good care of yourself – hire Candace as your GYROTONIC®/Pilates Coach.”

Clients of 10 yrs

“Doug and I have been working with Candace for several years, first at a studio, and now privately at our home for mat Pilates. She is a remarkable instructor who has a wealth of information about the body and how it works, (or sometimes doesn’t work!), and is a patient healer. The changes I’ve noticed in my body and core strength are truly remarkable. I bring this new fortitude with me to other athletic endeavors,(running, tennis, skiing, etc.), as well as to everyday life.”

Client of 6 yrs

“I have been working with Candace for several years, as a Pilates client, and feel lucky to have her on my staff. With her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, and her brilliant understanding of Pilates, my sessions with her have positively informed my own teaching (of fitness), my posture, and personal workouts. She tailors each and every workout to my specific needs of that day, pushes me to deepen the work, and I always learn something during our time together.”

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Candace teaches Pilates Mat & Apparatus Privates, Duets and Group Classes,
and GYROTONIC® Privates.

She is teaching virtually and is available for sessions in her home in Durham, NC. (You will receive the address after booking.)

Inquire by email,, or call 646.246.6850 for scheduling & rates.

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